Company Profile

NRR SAFETY FIRST COMPANY, established in 2010, dedicated to supply high class products for various industries. We are proud of the products we have done on the business. It is our goal to have the best safety supply site, with the best shipping and delivery in the business. Our main purpose is to provide our customers with today’s most popular safety products. The whole idea is to protect the working-man with safety gear that is comfortable, Safe, and Stylish. Moreover, if your company or organization want us to present of our products safely look forward to serving you a date.

As a result of relentless efforts, NRR Safety First has become a trusted distributor of genuine products from Japan, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, China, 3M USA, and Thailand. There are popular brand such as: KOKEN. YAMADA. TAKUMI. HONEYWELL. KARAM. DUPOUNT ,JOGGER and PIUSI.

One thing we pride ourselves upon is customer service. We may not be the largest supply company in the business, but we try to be most flexible to your needs. All of our team will do whatever it takes to fulfill your expectations.

In addition, you can pick up the phone (+855 095 908 168, +855 092 21 44 40, +855 070 48 48 72)

Again thank you for visiting our web site and our team. If there is anything we can help you with, please just contact us in any way.